Filterqueen Models

Shown here are all the different models of Filterqueen, manufactured since 1940. If you are not sure exactly what model number you have, use the picture below to find out!


The Button Lock assembly is used in models 95, 99A, 112A, and 112B. It looks like this: 



The Automatic Lock assembly is used on models 112C, M360, M360SS, and M11NA. It looks like this: 




There are two different styles of Defender Air Cleaner-the biggest difference between them is the size of the filters. The 3000 model uses an 11" filter, and the 4000 and newer models use an 8" filter. The filters are not interchangeable, so it's important to make sure you order the correct one! The easiest way to tell the difference (besides the height of the unit) is the way they turn on and change speeds. The 3000 model has a knob to adjust the speed, and the 4000 styles use arrow buttons.


3000 Defender                                                                                       4000 Defender