6 Month Majestic Bundle

6 Month Majestic Bundle

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This package has a 6 month supply of filters for the Majestic!

Includes: 6 Primary Cellupure BioCones (White Filter Cone Plus Bacteria Protection), 1 Medipure Cone, and one Motor Guard (Flat Disc Filter).

The Primary Pre-Filter BioCones filters have a unique bacteria protection which safeguards your home against germs that pollute the air and often cause colds and other illnesses. The specially designed filter media is effective at capturing bacteria in the air. Replace at least once a month. The Medipure Premium Filter Cone should be replaced every six months. The Medipure Premium Filer Cone contains a layer of non-woven, microfiber media that reduces pollen, bacteria, pet dander, dust mites and other allergens, at a rate three times better than standard HEPA filtration. The second layer is activated charcoal, which fights odors and gases.

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